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Yumi's Profile

Age: 25

From: China

Height: 5’2”

Measurements: 34C-25-35

Rating: 65%

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Yumi's Comments

I was a little worried about this project at first, mostly because of the amount of content required. I was thinking to myself, how the heck are we going to fit all this in the same day?? That made

me nervous. Turned out, that the way things were set up, it all fell into place pretty easily. We shot in two different locations, one was on the river front and the other was about 5 minutes away. At the first location, there was a lot things going on. Other crews were there working on different projects. It was cool to be with so many people, we shared lunch and laughs. The day drastically changed pace. We were now alone. I could now focus more on what I was doing, so the last part of the shoot flew by real fast. I can't wait to see my pages on Flashy.

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Studio's Comments

When we met Yumi she had a lot of questions. We could say that Asian girls are somewhat rare for this sort of project. Since Yumi had some experience with that type of stuff, we didn't have any

problems getting what we needed...the problems came from an exterior source, since the first part of the shoot was done outside and we were in a residential area, we received a visit from the local enforcement officers (some neighbors had filed a complaint). Luckily, the officers were really gentle with us and we were able to pursue our day like planed. To complete our streak of luck, Yumi was not traumatized at all by the unfortunate events; she kept a Zen master like attitude for the entire day. We felt she was satisfied with the outcome of her shoot.

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Q: So how you doin`?

A: Great, great...

Q: So where you been

A: Busy

Q: You've been in BC, wow. Do you like it there?

A: oh no not BC, Busy...

Q: You've been busy doing what?

A: Studies ...

Q: Study what?

A: Do you really want to know?

Q: Yes I do. Just invent something if you don't want to tell us ...

A: ... Architecture ...

Q: That's like what 8 years or 4 years?

A: 4 years

Q: And you're in year what?

A: Three

Q: How's it going?

A: Really tough ....

Q: you must be good at drawing ... What do you draw?

A: ... Cartoons ... I like Japanese Anime ...

Q: I can see you as a character ...

A: I love Cossplay ... Playing a character in an Anime ...

Q: what attracts you in a man

A: Generally I'm not attracted to a man. But Generally I'm attracted to all men ... I like a man with humor ... If someone can make me laugh ...

Q: What's your favorite meal ?

A: Japanese Sushi

Q: Are you an exhibitionist ?

A: Yeah, totally ... I love flashing ... I do sometimes go out without panties or a bra

Q: What's your favorite sexual position?

A: Generally, there's a lot ... Doggy ... Sideways ... Reverse cowgirl maybe, although its quite tough with my legs ...

Q: Do you like to dominate or to be dominated?

A: Generally I'm more of a submissive girl...but I can dom...

Q: you can dom? You even got the lingo down

A: I got so used to it now ... Fetish people are open minded ...

Q: What would be your ultimate all time fantasy?

A: Mmm, let me think about it. Something to do with water ... dripping water

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: In a company, working for an Architecture company ...

Q: Ok Babe, well we're done here ... Give me some flashing boobies ...

A: ...

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