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Age: 21

From: San Francisco

Height: 51

Measurements: 34B-25-34

Rating: 76%

Total videos: 2

Total photosets: 1

Total pictures: 189

Ruby's Comments

It was my first time in Canada; I totally fell in love with the people there. They welcomed me with arms wide open. At the location there was this little black Chihuahua dog, he was soooo cute I just

had to take a picture with him! Chihuahuas are kinky in some kind of way...Mmmm, OK, I'm being weird again loll! It took several hours to complete the day but it felt like minutes, we were having a total blast! We even got caught pulling a mega flash to some guys on our way out! I won't tell you the story; you will have to see it for yourself on the site. The day of my departure back to the states, The photographer surprised me with a print from the shoot. I was ecstatic, I told her I had never seen myself more beautiful before, even my friends that were there with me agreed. She was very touched by that comment. She was so cute; I had to squeeze her in my arms. I hope the gang will invite me again soon; I already miss them like crazy!

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Studio's Comments

This model, that graced the pages of Hustler Magazine and who is from the land of Uncle Sam, owned the set. Very open minded, very friendly, you can also tell right away that public nudity is a major

turn on for her. We'd like to point out that she handled very well the fact that we got totally caught red handed while shooting one of the videos...check out the backstage! Ruby is a girl we won't soon forget. Being that she is an anglophone, the interview was fluid and her natural demeanor in front of the camera (as much photo than video) really reflects on the results. It will be for you to judge!

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Q: Hi Ruby how are you?

A: Fine thanks

Q: Where are you from?

A: From the Bay area in San Francisco, California.

Q: How old are you?

A: I just turned 21...I just turned legal in the States...

Q: What do you do when you're at home? Do you work? Are you in school?

A: I love to hang out...I'm a little bit of a tomboy...For work, I just started in porn...I've done a movie already ...and I just had a picture layout in Hustler...

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I love motorcycles...I just got a Ninja 500...

Q: Do you have a lover?

A: I have many lovers...I love my life and I want everyone to share it with me...

Q: What attracts you in your lovers?

A: For a man...confidence, style, hair, nice teeth, good hygiene... For a woman, she has to be pretty, feminine...'s a history of Ruby's sexuality...At 11, I got a laptop and it wasn't long after that I found myself surfing on porn sites...

Q: What does someone need to do to get you turned on?

A: For a guy, its clit play ...penetration while stimulating the clit... For a guy, it's all about oral...

Q: Do you like it more rough or more sensual?

A: should be like on a porno set...

Q: What's your favourite sexual position?

A: Doggy style...but that's the spoon position with one leg up...

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: I'd like to have some kind of editing or production company...

Q: What's your ultimate sex scene?

A: The setup takes places in a nightclub...where the DJ gets the sex scene...and the club turns into an orgy...

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