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Pascale's Profile

Age: 26

From: Montréal

Height: 5'5"

Measurements: 36c-25-36

Rating: 78%

Total videos: 2

Total photosets: 2

Total pictures: 63

Pascale's Comments

I love getting all dressed up and taking pictures. This time was my first professional photo shoots with a makeup artist and a set I felt glamorous. I hope you can't tell from the pictures that I

am not a very good pool player. The interview was exciting, telling all these strangers my fantasies and crazy stories. I had fun with the shoot, it was great having a whole team looking after you I just might show up every morning to have them get me ready for my day! Pascale xoxo

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Studio's Comments

Pascale is a sex kitten in disguise. She takes on a role well and has a great playfull attitude. She seemed a little nervous at the start of the day, once she had her makeup and costume done for her

she was impossible to stop. She gave %100 throughout the day smiling the whole time. It was also fun to shoot the pool table for the first time. We felt that Pascale had a great look for it.

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Q: Pascale:

A: Hi My name is Pascale, I'm from Montréal and I am 26 years old.

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I do nails, and I'm studying fashion and marketing and I'm waiting for my diploma.

Q: What are you studying?

A: I am in Cegep (college) and I am studying political science.

Q: Do you like it?

A: Yes, I like to it, it's different. I'd liked to study to make swimsuits and have my own collection and store one day.

Q: Do you make big breasted bathing suit for woman like us?

A: Yes we do a lot swimsuit call mix and match, so you can pick a top and bottom that are different 'cause in some stores they don't allow you too, and sometimes the swimsuit does not always match, that what I want to concentrate.

Q: What are your turn-ons?

A: I love vacations, it feels like we are outside of your world, so it meet new and sexy people, the music is different, we are kind of free.

Q: Woos this is interesting did you ever have a get away fantasy?

A: Yes, it was, doing horseback riding and stopping in the woods and have a little fun lol. Bring a little blanket and do little naughty things.

Q: Give me a crazy sexual fantasy?

A: It's a little special, I think I would like to see to guy man give each other BJ and they have to be hot, You often see girls do it but 2 hot guys who work out with big dicks, I would like to see that.

Q: You want to take part or just watch?

A: If I could I would take part, if not just watch and masturbate is good enough.

Q: Was it everything you expected?

A: Yes and if I could do it everything day I would do it and I like it and even the makeup on my breast was fun, thanks.

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