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Mia.'s Profile

Age: 23

From: Southern California

Height: 36C-27-37

Measurements: 5'4''

Rating: 73%

Total videos: 2

Total photosets: 3

Total pictures: 157

Mia.'s Comments

I was very flattered when the flashy crew asked me if I would be interested in shooting for them. I saw the site and I was like Wow! I am definitely happy to have been at the right place at the right

time! Vote 4 me sexy boys!! Peace out from Cali Mia

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Studio's Comments

So here we are in San Fransisco to do an all male shoot and like a ray of sunshine trough buff clouds there she was in all her glory. Naked by the pool, Mia was an unexpected vision. Her oiled up

golden skin and her striking perfect breast had all the boys salivating in unison. Let me tell you that we didn't hesitate one second to extend our stay in order to add Mia to beautiful line up of sexy Flashy Babes. You'll be glad we did!

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Q: ...

A: Hi , my name is Mia , I'm 23 and I'm from Southern California.

Q: What do you do?

A: I work in a gym, I'm the front desk girl..

Q: What are your favorite things to do ?

A: I go to the gym ...and I tan...lol... I walk my dog, a little puppy...I go to the beach...

Q: What's the name of your dog ?

A: Achilles...hes a 5 month old pitbull / collie mix...when I get home , I'm going to...

Q: What kind of movies do you watch?

A: Everything but scary movies...I don't like to be scared...

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

A: From metal to rock and roll...I go to a lot of shows...local bands and stuff...

Q: What's your favorite color?

A: Lavender...I like purples...

Q: What nationality are you?

A: I'm Phillipino, Irish and Lebanese...

Q: Are you a good cook?

A: Oh no!! LOL!! I was heating up a burrito yesterday and it caught fire...LOL

Q: Do you like boys or girls more?

A: I like boys... but I always say that I cannot pass a good pussy...

Q: Do you prefer threesomes or twosomes?

A: I don't know...it depends...as long as I'm getting the most attention...

Q: Desctibe to me your dream man?

A: One of the guys from 300...a man , scruffy and hard...he can pick me up...not feel like I'm too heavy for him to pick up...a man's man.

Q: What do you wear to make you look irresistible?

A: When I' naked...lol...No, something that shows my legs ...

Q: Are you an exhibitionist?

A: I am...It's always been ok to be nude...you can be nude and not sexual...

Q: What's your favorite candy?

A: Sour punch ...the blue kind...the sour straws...

Q: Do you like text messaging?

A: I prefer text messaging then phoning someone...

Q: What is your favorite sex toy?

A: I went to this sex convention and I got this bullet with a remote...It vibrates at 10 different speeds and the remote is cordless and it works at a 10 feet radius..

Q: What do you hate the most in bed?

A: A bad kisser.

Q: Do you prefer toothpaste or mouthwash?

A: Toothpaste...

Q: Motorcycle or sports car?

A: Depends ...sports car...red

Q: New York or Paris?

A: New York

Q: What's your favorite paradise destination?

A: I've never been to the Bahamas so that's where I'd like to go...

Q: If a guy was rude to you , would you slap him across the face or kick him in the nuts?

A: I'd kick him in the nuts...

Q: Kickboxing or Kung fu ?

A: Kickboxing

Q: We did two photoshoots so far for Flashybabes...what did you think?

A: I was really nervous till I started ...now I'm still a bit nervous but it wasn't what I thought...It's good !! I like the pictures that I saw...I didn't know i could be sexy...lol!!!

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