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Age: 22

From: Montreal

Height: 5'7

Measurements: 36D-26-36

Rating: 84%

Total videos: 2

Total photosets: 3

Total pictures: 142

Mandy_2's Comments

I was stressed in the beginning, it's not like being a barmaid that's for sure!The team was great, the photographer was very nice . I really enjoyed doing the pictures outdoors...I guess it's the

exhibitionist in me...LOL! The videos were cool to shoot too.I wasn't too sure about the interview but it ended up being a piece of cake.I'd do it again anyday!! Thanks All! Mandy xxx

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Studio's Comments

Mandy was referred to us by a good friend of ours.She has been modeling for a few years now and it shows in her work ethic,a real pro, no messing around!Mandy was a bit worried about the interview

but once she got into it, her shyness dissapeared.Great job Mandy!!We'd shoot models like you everyday!

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Q: ...

A: My name is Mandy, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Montreal...

Q: So what do you do for a living?

A: I've been a barmaid in a little bar in Montreal for the past 4 years now, I love it...

Q: So what kind of music do you listen to ?

A: I like Hip Hop, RnB, House... but mostly RnB ,it's relaxing...

Q: Do you have a favorite artist?

A: I adore Alicia Keyes, Mariah Carey...

Q: What do you do on your free time?

A: In summertime, I like the beach,to get tanned,to go the gym, I like to eat sushi...on a terrace with my friends...

Q: Do you like to travel?

A: I've never travelled...The farthest I've been is to Gaspesie...I'd like to go to Jamaica or Miami...

Q: What do you do to unwind after a long day ?

A: Get a massage,go to a spa,read,listen to relaxing music,sleep...

Q: Do you sing in the shower?

A: Yeah...It happens sometimes...

Q: What else do you do in the shower?

A: LOL!! I like to take care of myself...I really enjoy the moveable shower's my shower hobby...I like bubble baths and facial masks too...

Q: Do you ever get somebody in to help you wash your back?

A: I'd like to be but right now I have no one who wants to...I'm looking for someone to wash my back...LOL!!

Q: What's your sexual fantasy?

A: To see my man do another hot woman right in front of me...and see him have fun...

Q: What's your favorite position?

A: I like doggy style...It feels good and the guy can move the way he wants to...that's why I like doggy style.

Q: Are you more dominant or submissive?

A: A mix of both,I'll go with how i'm depends on the's fun when the guy has some drive...I guess i'm more dominated then dominant...

Q: Where's the craziest place you've had sex ?

A: In a underground parking lot was hot, I talk about it and i'm getting hot...

Q: Did you initiate it ?

A: Yes...LOL!guilty as had to be right there,right now...

Q: Are you a romantic?

A: Not really ,no ,I find it a bit cheesy,I'm more sensual then romantic.

Q: Did you have fun today?

A: Yes,I really did.I was stressed, working behind a bar is not the same as behind a camera.I had fun, nice team...I liked shooting outside,i'm a bit of an exhibitionist so that was fun...

Q: Are you interested in coming back?

A: For sure, maybe next time we can shoot in an underground parking.I"m happy about today...I hope we're going to see each other again, have a nice day!

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