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Age: 20

From: Vancouver

Height: 55

Measurements: 34B-24-34

Rating: 76%

Total videos: 4

Total photosets: 3

Total pictures: 228

Mandy's Comments

I loved Montreal! I met so many cool people and went to all kinds of great restaurants. I even went shopping in the world renowned Montreal underground shopping mall! It was awesome and to top it off

I got to shoot Flashybabes!! Coool!! I had heard about it and I was so wondering how to go about being a model on that site. Well, my kink came true in Montreal!! Loll! I loved the shoot, it was relaxed and pleasant. I had a blast doing the interview; it's always a little stressful to be bombarded with questions. But it was all done tastefully and I really had fun. Hope you guys get your groove on watching me on flashybabes! Mandy xxx

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Studio's Comments

The Canadian West coast is all about beautiful scenery. And we were lucky enough to get a piece of that in the flesh! Flashy members say hello to the exquisite Mandy! Mandy is one hot babe! I mean

really hot! The way she looks at you just makes you loose track of were you stand in the universe...Duuuhhh my name is ??? Giggle, I can't remember?! Ya, I would love seeing the hard ass on campus trying his peacock pick up line on her and just get his ass chewed out. She would only have to give him that look... She is like a velvet glove: Long, mysterious, soft, kinky and everyone would like to slip into it, loll! Me too please! You can check her out on and also make sure to visit her on her own website at

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Q: ...

A: My name is Mandy, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Vancouver, Canada

Q: So apparently it rains a lot out there.

A: Yes, way too much. That's why I want to move to Montreal, loll!

Q: You do!!! Were' so happy! Did you go shopping in Montreal?

A: No, not really... You have to tell me about the lingerie stores.

Q: Ok, in the mean time tell me about the sexiest piece of lingerie you own

A: A really nice black lace dress that I wear with nice stockings...

Q: I hear trough the vines that you had eatable underwear...Is that true?

A: Shhtt! It's supposed to be a secret!

Q: That's pretty funky...You like when people eat on you?

A: Ya...Who doesn't!

Q: What is your ultimate fantasy?

A: here's a couple that I have, but I would definitely love to be in a swinger relationship...

Q: Do you watch the naked chef?

A: NO!!

Q: You'd get right turned on!!... If I want to impress you and bring you to dinner, were do I have to bring you?

A: I'm not very picky when it comes to food, but I love meat, vegetables. One thing I'm not to crazy about is sea food....

Q: What kind of music turns you on?

A: The music that makes me dance is Hip Hop definitely but I also like rock and punk rock...

Q: Are you more a bike type of chick or the sports car type or classic...

A: Definitely the bike type, I love bikes!

Q: What kind of a guy do you like?

A: I don't really have a specific type, either for men or women, I just want someone that does it for me...

Q: What do you think your friends say about you?

A: They probably think that I am a little crazy... but fun and I 'm always there for my friends...

Q: What get's under your skin?

A: My biggest pet peeve is arrogant people, people that are conceded and rude and fake...Ya that's the worst...

Q: What do you admire?

A: Courage the most and loyalty and honesty.

Q: Would you jump of a plane?

A: I was supposed to go and I totally backed out, it's scary!!

Q: Soap in bar or a bottle?

A: A bottle

Q: Fruity or spicy scents?

A: Fruity

Q: Banana, strawberry or both?

A: Strawberry

Q: Strawberry and cream or champagne?

A: Ouh, tough one...Strawberry and champagne.

Q: Beer or booze?

A: Booze

Q: What's your favorite drink?

A: I like wine, chardonnays, sour apple martinis, cosmos...Ok I think I should stop!!

Q: Long skirt, short skirt?

A: Short

Q: Do you have panties in your panty drawer?

A: Ya! I love j-strings and thongs and I do have a couple of booty shorts and stuff as well.

Q: Do you walk down the street sometimes with no panties on under your skirt just to fuck with people's head?

A: ... Doesn't every body do that??! Loll... Next question!!!

Q: Do you like hairy men or guys that shave?

A: It depends, some guys it suits them, I totally depends.

Q: What's your opinion on guys tweezing their eyebrows?

A: Well, it's better then having a uni-brow for sure! So I'm pro tweezing!

Q: Do you like sex better in the morning or in the evening?

A: Do I really have to pick, I can't! I like sex anytime of the day!

Q: Are you dominant or more submissive?

A: I could be both

Q: Are you a good actress in bed?

A: I don't need to act...

Q: Not in the sense of faking it, more like do you put up a good show?

A: I've been told I am...I'm pretty sure I am, Loll!

Q: What does a person need to do too catch your eye?

A: Just look at me the right way. It's all in the eyes baby!

Q: And what do they have to do to get a kick in the nuts?

A: Just be rude or annoying.

Q: So how did you enjoy your flashybabes experience.

A: I loved it, I love the site, I think it's pretty cool, I had a lot of fun

Q: Would you do it again?

A: Of course, I'd love too!

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