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Age: 23

From: Calgary,Alberta

Height: 5'6"

Measurements: 36C-25-34

Rating: 86%

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Malezia's Comments

I loved doing Flashybabes!! I really enjoyed the interview. I thought it was funny and it was real. I loved my make-up, it was natural and I felt really pretty. I was at ease with the concept of the

shoot and my gosh it went way to fast, loll! I do it again tomorrow.   Love   Malezia

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Studio's Comments

Malezia is no stranger to us or anyone as a matter of fact. Proven top model in the industry, she has graced the covers of many magazines and dvd boxes. It is an honor to have her join the clan of

the beloved and much coveted FlashyBabes. Not much frills are needed to put this exotic beauty at her best. Malezia posseses the most beautiful skin, hair and curves DNA is able to provide. Her piercing eyes, so revealing and her sense of humor so delicious. This girl is full of suprises and loads of raw fun. She's my new "GO Girl 2008"!

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Q: ...

A: My name is Malezia, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Calgary,Alberta.

Q: So what do you do?

A: I'm a model, I've worked for Vivid, Hustler...

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I like to go shopping, like every common girl...I love getting all done up like right now, I like going to the gym...walking my dog, good food, play poker...texas hold'em...

Q: What kind of city really turns you on?

A: San Fransisco...I loved it ...I spent three days there and I had the time of my life...

Q: Are you afraid of speed?

A: No...I'm buying myself a CTS Cadillac once I get my license...I'm actually the new model for Lamborgini ...

Q: If a man wants to impress you, how should he go about?

A: Don't come near me, don't look at me, if you come close by and you start acting this and just lost me...don't try too much...

Q: What makes you happy?

A: the sun ...a beautiful day makes me happy...

Q: Do you know a good joke?

A: What kind of bee brings milk instead of honey? A BooBee... LOL!!

Q: Boxer shorts or thongs?

A: I like boxer shorts...

Q: Vibro or dildo?

A: Vibro...

Q: You prefer making love in the mornings , evenings or at night?

A: Morning, evening and night...

Q: you prefer in a bathtub or a shower?

A: Bathtub...then the shower

Q: Two guys and a girl or two girls and a guy?

A: Two girls and a guy works out for me...

Q: Blonds or brunettes?

A: Blonds

Q: What's your favorite swear word?

A: ...Damn...When i'm pissed off I'll say : You dumb fuck!!...

Q: So are you excited about doing Flashy?

A: Yeah...ready to strike a pose...Bitch!! LOL!! BYE!!

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