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Q: ...

A: My name is Keera, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Germany.

Q: Long way from home there Keera, do you like Montréal?

A: I love Montreal

Q: What are you doing here?

A: I'm taking a chefs course.

Q: What kind of chef's course?

A: I am taking a pastries chef course.

Q: Pastries, what kind of pastries do you like?

A: I love French and Italian pastries

Q: Do you have a favorite one to make?

A: I love making tiramisu.

Q: Is it hard to make?

A: It's hard at first the machine exploded on me...

Q: Are the type to bring all the pastries to all the parties now?

A: I bring it to all my friends they are all waiting for it after school...

Q: So when you are not hard at work in the kitchen what are you doing?

A: I'm at home walking around my house naked...

Q: What is your favorite asset about yourself?

A: I like my breast the best...

Q: If we were to go on a first date what would I have to do to impress you?

A: You have to make me laugh and buy me something sweet to eat...

Q: So are more into the class clown or the class jock?

A: Probably in the middle of both...

Q: So after I bough you pastries and made you laugh would I get anywhere after that?

A: Maybe a kiss, with a little tongue, maybe a little touchy touchy on my breast...

Q: Seeing how like to be naked all the time do you like to do other things in public?

A: Having sex in public is interesting...

Q: So is that your favorite position on top of guy?

A: Yes on top and doggy styles too...

Q: Did you have a good time today?

A: Yes I had a fabulous time

Q: What was your favorite part?

A: Probably with the African mask, it was very fun.

Q: So is there anything you wanna say to your viewers?

A: thank you so much for having me here today

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