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Age: 24

From: Montreal

Height: 57

Measurements: 32A-24-33

Rating: 73%

Total videos: 4

Total photosets: 1

Total pictures: 90

Kate Klimax's Comments

Well, I know I can be a little fruity sometimes, Loll! But I am comfortable with that fact... and I know Franca loves me either way, Ha, Ha! No, really, I had a ball doing this for her...and for you

guys of courses! ..giggles! What can I say...She turns me on!Loll! Ouch! O.K. I`ll stop, Now she is hitting me (she is sitting right next to me has I am writing this!) O.K. Seriously, I love sex, I am very open about it and I am always horny...So I can`t hide it! I also love to goof around and crack jokes about everything. I am already bugging Franca to see my videos and we are only a couple of days after the shoot (She wants to strangle me...I love when she get all riled up like that, Grrrr)...Now that I think about it, the site is not even on line yet! YOU SEE, I am a pain...and I love it and I love you...and Franca...Ouch!! Loll!

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Studio's Comments

Exuberant Kate! That's what we like to call her...Very animated, her batteries must be Energizer, because they keep going and going and.... Like a lot of models, Kate is socially extraverted; but

when it comes to expressing her sexuality, we sensed that she was holding back. We had to do a few yoga breaths together, in order for her to relax. We wanted her videos to look natural, not staged. Everything ended-up worked out great! Because of her lack of knowledge of the English language though, the interview was a bit jarring. Still, Kate managed to make it very colorful! She is a great girl, very pleasant and entertaining, we loved working with her.

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Q: ...

A: Hello, My name is Kate, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Montreal

Q: Are you well?

A: Yes

Q: What is your best feature?

A: I think my best feature is my energy, and let's face it, I'm far from ugly and I think that helps. It's what I exert, I'm not a shy girl, I am natural...

Q: What is your biggest flaw?

A: My biggest flaw, I'd have to say would be my impatience. Myself, I'm like that. If you want something, I will give it to you right away. It won't be in two year or in two hours; it will be now, so that the other person is satisfied...

Q: If you were a super hero, what power would you like to have?

A: What I'm about to say will sound a little tacky...If I had super power seriously, be a super hero, what I would change in the world for real, I think it would be hunger and war...

Q: If your house catches fire, what are the three things you would save?

A: If my house catches fire, what are the three things I would save? My boyfriend, my purse, very important...Why I would say my purse is because I always carry lubricant and condoms with me...It's very important, like, if I feel like going in the woods to have sex with my boyfriend, Tadam...

Q: Do you prefer being seduced or to seduce?

A: Me specially, I think I'd rather seduce. I feel more at ease that way, I feel less attacked that if somebody comes to me and start's making my head spin with all kinds of bullshit romance, whereas if I go myself, I now it's because this person genuinely attracted me...

Q: The time of day you prefer to make love?

A: Oh my god, the time of day that honestly I prefer to make love is in the morning. Because your all sleepy and your senses are sleepy also and its soooo good. It's so good for real...For me it's the morning. I would even tell you that what I like the least is in my day to make love, is in the after-noon...

Q: What is your fantasy?

A: Oh my god...Ok. Don't be afraid, me my favorite fantasy for real is to see two guys having sex together. I've tried it before and I must tell you that it got me hitched. I will never get it out of my head and I'll do it again and again and again, It truly made me...

Q: Tell me about it

A: For sure two girls together is nice also but, I must be weird for real but, I really find it exciting, two guys together that kiss and caress each other and make love together, It's gross but I love it so much! I had an adventure in the past and I looked at them f**k and I masturbated the whole time...

Q: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

A: Yes! I consider myself an exhibitionist for real because my neighbors must be freaking out! I hang my clothes on the line outside naked, I have tons of neighbors! I go on my front balcony like. Hey, shaking it and stuff!!...

Q: Do you have a special talent?

A: Me, my special talent for real is; the strap-on mistress, the pussy eating, cooking...

Q: When you cook, what is your favorite meal to prepare?

A: Pasta, I can make rosee sauce, arrabiatta...There is this recipe that I make, its White poultry meat and asparagus Linguini. The little sauce is made with Chantilly cream and orange juice. It's excellent...

Q: Were do you see yourself in 5 years, what is your dream?

A: To have a family. I also wanted to take a course in either nurse or chef. But I'm mostly attracted by the kitchen because I really love cooking. What I make is always good. In 5 years from now, I would see myself having a career and children probably. That's for sure, I want at least 2...

Q: ...

A: (Leaving) Now I am going home, I finished my day, it was really cool for real...I got my check, Yes sir!! I'll never come and see you again, no, just kidding. It was really cool, I had a great day and I hope you will call on me again because if you had has much fun has I did...It was really cool for real. My bag is quite heavy. Alright, ciao guys!!

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