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Age: 24

From: Montreal

Height: 5'2''

Measurements: 38D-24-34

Rating: 81%

Total videos: 6

Total photosets: 4

Total pictures: 576

Karine's Comments

The thing that made me nervous was the darned videos required for the project. I am comfortable doing photography but videos are another ball game. I think...well, I hope I did well... I think so

though. The photographer had good ideas for me, I didn't want my stuff to look cheesy or raunchy. My favorite set I think was the one with the copper fence. I love my hair in that set. Franca put them in two ponytails on each side of my head and with my outfit; I looked like a mix between Daisy Dukes and Scarlet O'Hara. That was hot! I got a portfolio of some photos from the shoot a few days later. I was really happy with the results. Now, I am only waiting for my password for the site so I can check out those darn videos of mine!! Loll!

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Studio's Comments

Wow! Was the first comment I got when I showed Karine's pics to the boys at the studio. Tongues were hanging and there was no way this girl was gonna leave anyone indifferent. Care for more; this

girl's got class! Everything from her clothes down to the polish on her toes, are signature items. One thing's for sure, Karine likes the good stuff! Not only could she compete with the top pin-ups of this world, but we'd all vote for her in a boob contest ...My lord!!! Have we mentioned her luscious lips and killer body? Have a look boys! Then close your eyes and let her image carry you in a twisted dream world which you'll never want to awake from. Ranked goddess by us...Karine was very content with her experience and later referred us many of her friends.

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Q: What's your name cutie girl ?

A: My name is Karine, I'm 23 years old, I come from Montreal, however I'm of Italian decent.

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I work in bars and I just finished my studies in reality ...

Q: When you're alone at home or in your car what type of music do you listen too?

A: A little of everything but mostly house.

Q: What was the last movie you've seen?

A: Cruising Bar is the last film I seen ...

Q: So you have any animals

A: Yes, I have a little pussy ...

Q: Are you a good cook?

A: A very good cook.

Q: What's your favorite meal?

A: Pasta

Q: If you invited me for dinner, what would you serve?

A: Most probably Filet mignon ...

Q: If you were a super hero, what would be your super powers?

A: If I was a super hero, I'd be Cat-woman. To have the power of seduction ...

Q: What quality do you look for in a man?

A: For me a good sense of humor is an important quality in a man ...

Q: And physique?

A: I'd say, An athletic body

Q: what qualities do you look for in a woman?

A: In a woman the quality I look for has to be gentleness

Q: What's your best quality?

A: My best quality would also be gentleness

Q: your biggest fault?

A: I have a very bad temperament, surely my biggest flaw.

Q: What is the nicest thing a man said to you in bed?

A: (Laughing un-controllably)

Q: What's your favorite time of day for sex?

A: I'd say that my favorite time of day to make love would be in the evening ...

Q: And what type of music awakens your sensuality?

A: I'd say, soft music, it could often wake my sensualities...

Q: What does a man need to do to catch your eye?

A: To catch my eye, a man simply needs to smile at me.

Q: If he wants to approach you, how should he go about it?

A: With gentleness and respect ...

Q: What should he never say on your first date?

A: According to me, a man should never say she's beautiful ... It's already been established.

Q: And if he does everything right, what are his chances of taking you home with him that night?

A: There is no chance, I never leave with a guy the first night ...

Q: If a guy approaches you and you're not at all interested, what do you say?

A: If a man approaches me and I'm not at all interested. I simply turn around, and continue on with my evening ...

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