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Jade's Profile

Age: 21

From: Spain & Ireland

Height: 53

Measurements: 34B-26-36

Rating: 75%

Total videos: 5

Total photosets: 1

Total pictures: 131

Jade's Comments

I love having a camera around me! I feel like a famous person. For Flashy you get the whole shebang too! Make-up artist, photos, videos, backstage stuff, I can't wait to see me on the site...You

know, I was really shy when I was a little girl, only in my bedroom, in front of my tall mirror would I dare to model my clothes and take fancy poses. It took a lot of determination and convincing from my peers and myself to be the person I am today. All that said, I love modeling and Flashy is a great project to be part of. Bye and see you soon, Jade xxx.

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Studio's Comments

Jade is a sweet girl. In every way! Her velvety voice is so smooth to the ear...and she looks good too! She could have played the role of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde! Like her she is bubbly

yet very smart. She was great to work with, but you need a great deal of patience to deal with her. Not because she is difficult but because this beauty takes for ever to get ready!!! You guys probably know the kind! Despite that little characteristic she is simply loveable. You just want to hold her and never let go!

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Q: ...

A: I'm Jade and I'm 21 years old and I'm originally from Spain and Ireland.

Q: What do you do Jade?

A: Do you mean a pass time or ...

Q: Do you have a job?

A: Yes I do work. I have a little job in a lingerie store...But am studying to be a special effects make-up artist.

Q: Do you like scary movies?

A: Yes, but not many people like scary movies...

Q: Do you remember one that you really liked?

A: Yes, it's a scary movie but there is a story to it, with special characters, it's: The ring...

Q: Are you sometimes nice and sometimes naughty?

A: Yes, I believe that everybody has more then one personality...

Q: What would be your best quality?

A: I know I am a person that smiles a lot! That's what people tell me the most...

Q: What would be your biggest defect?

A: I can be too perfectionist sometimes, that's why I take so much time to get ready...

Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: Sometimes alternative rock, sometimes house or techno, it depends with who I am...

Q: What music makes you horny?

A: Rock music, like Lenny Kravits or Portish Head and Enigma, I have a lit bit of a dark side...

Q: That's what you like to listen to in your bedroom.

A: Yes and it's relaxing at the same time.

Q: If I go in your bedroom, what do I mostly find; pink teddy bears, leopard print or black satin?

A: More the leopard, it's a little bit more wild, just another side of me.

Q: So that little beast in you, what is it? Is it a cat, a wolf a snake? What kind of animal would you like to be?

A: A snake, to slip around slowly and you never know with what they can come out...

Q: What's your favorite time of day to make love?

A: I really like to make love in the morning, you know when you just wake up, it starts your day so good...

Q: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

A: Before I didn't use to be exhibitionist at all! I was so shy...But now I like to expose myself more.

Q: Which part of your body do you like the most?

A: I get a lot of compliments about my ass.

Q: What does a guy have to do to get your attention?

A: You have to start by offering me a drink and allow me to get to know him better...

Q: And in your dreams, what does he look like?

A: I maybe met him not to long ago! Black hair, light eyes...

Q: Have you ever been flirted on by a woman?

A: Yes but it didn't work, she was kind of crazy I think!

Q: Do you dislike women?

A: No, I like women!

Q: So if I say a threesome, what do you choose between 2 guys and 1 girl and 2 girls and 1 guy?

A: I think it's going to be easier if I choose two girls and 1 guy then the other way around...

Q: What's your favorite color?

A: I like black and pink.

Q: What is your biggest dream?

A: To have my own business and a big house with my horses, so I can train them...

Q: Well, it was fantastic talking to you my dear

A: Thank you

Q: So I wish you everything you dream of...And let's go shoot!!

A: OK! See you soon.

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