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Age: 23

From: Montreal

Height: 5'6"

Measurements: 34D-28-34

Rating: 65%

Total videos: 2

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Total pictures: 79

Hollie's Comments

I really enjoyed my shoot today; it was a lot of fun!! I like the boxing shoot; I don't do those kinds of shoots to often so it was cool to do something different. I really liked the team, they were

very nice to work with...we had a bunch of laughs...Thanks!! Hollie xxx

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Studio's Comments

Hollie was a charm to work with, another one of our rare "joie de vivre", it's so refreshing to come upon a purely sweet person in our line of work, good job Hollie!! Great attitude, kick ass

features and just a great overall personality...one to marry guys!! Keep up the good work!!

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Q: ...

A: Hi My name is Hollie, I'm 23 and I'm from Montreal.

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I'm a photographer, I take pictures, I went to school for it...

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: Yeah... shopping is a big one of them... I like going to the movies, hanging out with my friends...but shopping is the number one...

Q: What do you do when you're not shopping, to relax I mean?

A: Movies...I'm a big movie buff, I like movies, I like sitting on the couch and watching a good movie...

Q: What kind of movies do you like?

A: 300 is probably one of my favorite movies...I love vampire movies ...I like Saw too; I like the whole series...

Q: If I were to take you on a date, what would be the perfect one?

A: Really simple, like a nice supper...even walking along a riverside or something...really simple, I don't want extravagant stuff...

Q: Are you turned on by women?

A: Yes, I love women, it's more sensual, with a guy, it's a bit more rough...

Q: What's your favorite body part on a girl?

A: ...her butt...I'm a big butt fan...

Q: And on a guy?

A: I like their smile and arms...nice eyes and a nice smile...

Q: Give me a crazy sex story that you taken part in?

A: I was in a strip club...I got a few dances and was starting to get horny, so we fucked in the parking, with everyone watching....

Q: Do you have any sexual fantasies that you haven't done yet?

A: I would like to try something with all girls only...with 3 or 4 girls, just go at it...

Q: Did you have fun today?

A: Yeah I had a lot of fun...I'd come back anytime...ByeXXX

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