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Hellizabeth's Profile

Age: 22

From: Montreal

Height: 5'4

Measurements: 30B-24-30

Rating: 65%

Total videos: 5

Total photosets: 2

Total pictures: 138

Hellizabeth's Comments

I was really happy when they told me I was going to be the next babe...About a year ago , I had seen the site and since then I had always wanted to be on the site.It took a while for me to finally

get there but man was I happy when I got a call saying :''We'd like to shoot you for our site''.I had a great time during the shoot :the team was really nice and we had a very nice day of shooting.Thank you very much!! Hellizabeth xxx

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Studio's Comments

Hellizabeth is a little ball of joyfull energy! It took us a bit of time to finally cast her for Flashybabes but once we did, we weren't disapointed .Hellizabeth brings a fun attitude to a set and it

reflects on everyone around,that's the kind of girl she is...When she shows up she lights up a room with her goodness and positive attitude.We wish all models were like you !! You go girl!!

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Q: ...

A: My name is Hellizabeth, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Montreal...

Q: So what do you do for a living?

A: I study as a massage therapist, I work in a sexshop and I host a radio show.

Q: Really, what kind?

A: Ya, it's French and it's to promote French hip-hop and French music and Canadian hip hop...

Q: That cool how often do you do it?

A: Once a week every Monday afternoon.

Q: So what you do when you not working like 10 jobs?

A: Music, shows, I also throw shows with friends that are in the industry...

Q: So you big on the munchies what kind of munchies are you into?

A: I have a real passion for food it even bigger the weed, food is my favorite thing in life.

Q: I hope every sees how skinny she is btw.

A: I'm lucky I am meant to eat, I like to eat healty food, that's why I am skinny, I love veggies so much...

Q: When you go on a first day, what kind of first date are you into?

A: Food if you can cook me, you get 10,000 points, even if you're ugly, you're not my type and you don't have anything to say you if you cook for me you have a chance...

Q: Do you have a preference do they have to be good at a certain thing?

A: As long as they don't put nuts it I'm allergic.

Q: That sucks being allergic to nuts?

A: Really complicated but it's part of my lifestyle it does really matter but when you get to your friends place and...

Q: Do you carry your epinephrine?

A: I don't carry it with me.

Q: Better not forget?

A: But its trouble you have to keep it in the fridge, and like today is so hot, I would to carry it my old cooler.

Q: Do you like to be romance what kind of guys, do you like romantic types?

A: I love men that look and act like man, my favorite smell it's actually sweat and wood

Q: You are a pretty crazy girl, you must have crazy wild sex stories I see it in your face?

A: l have plenty of stories, let me tell you my first time, I'm born in the mountains, obviously its woods everywhere ...

Q: Are you like an exhibitionist?

A: I little bit, but I think I'm more of a voyeur; it's one of little dirty twist of mind.

Q: Tell me about that you like watching other people?

A: It really turns me on, I remember I had these friends they were really open minded, and just watching them having sex...

Q: Do you anything you want to say to your viewers?

A: I want to send lots of love, licks and come and see me on flashy, you will have so much fun I'm sure you are going to enjoy it.

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