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Age: 23

From: Montreal

Height: 5'8

Measurements: 32A-24-35

Rating: 71%

Total videos: 5

Total photosets: 3

Total pictures: 164

Emmanuelle's Comments

I totally adored my day of shoot. The location we were at was like a big ranch but with a lot of style! I just fell in love with the hairless cats that were there. Especially Pedro...The male, he was

such a lover boy, loll! I can really say that today, I felt like a princess and I hope you can see it on my pics. Much luv Emmanuelle xx

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Studio's Comments

Funky chick extraordinaire, my girl; Emmanuelle. Tall with a waist line that would make Shakira turn green of envy. She likes tattoos, she loves clubbing to check out her favorite DJs. She loves

clothes and can even make her own. Full of talents, stylish and with a heart of gold. Emmanuelle is a modern, big city kicking, fast moving hero of the 2000's girl. She will past you at the speed of light, but will make the earth stop on its axe if you should ever need her to do so. 1 in a million boys :)

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Q: ...

A: My name is Emmanuelle, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Montreal...

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I'm trying to get in to university but right now, I work as a sexy waitress...

Q: What are your interests, do you do sports?

A: I do some individual sports but I really enjoy sewing; that's my hobby...

Q: You're really into tattoos?

A: Yeah...I got the bite for it at age 14...since then, I can't stop...I've had many tattoos...

Q: What type of music do you listen to?

A: I'm a "musicoholic"...lol! But I really like electro music...when I go out to see a DJ, I feel like I'm going to see a show; not like I'm going out to a club...progressive or house progressive are kinds that I can feel some emotions listening to them...

Q: What turns you on?

A: I think that the 1rst thing that turns me on is if the guy is turned on by me...I feel more attracted to a person if he/she is attracted to me first...I'm really about the attitude and the personality...

Q: What turns you off?

A: I don't like bad hygiene...there's nothing that turns me more off then someone who stinks...that and someone who's rude...Even if the person looks pretty, if they're rude it really makes them look bad...

Q: Leather, whips and chains, do you like that?

A: Yeah...that's my style...I'm not a dominatrix in nature so I like to be dominated in bed...I like it passionate, soft or hardcore as long as it's with passion...I like role playing...I like being the little school girl...when I have my ponytails, I feel naughty...

Q: Are you excited about doing Flashy today?

A: I feel like a princess today...It's really nice...this house is amazing, I feel really pretty, I'm sure I'll enjoy my experience with Flashybabes....

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