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Age: 19

From: Montréal

Height: 5'3"

Measurements: 34b-25-34

Rating: 86%

Total videos: 2

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Total pictures: 129

Crystal 2's Comments

The crew and staff from were fun to work with. They are all professional but still have a lot of fun on the shoots. My favorite part of the day was getting into that huge bath and playing with the

bubbles. There were so many bubbles in the bath that I was sliding all around the tub. A stress free day filled with fun and laughter is a good day .That's what shooting was like. Crystal xoxo

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Studio's Comments

Crystal is a dream to work with, if you can look past her sexy body, passed her stunning ocean blue eyes, you will find a great girl. She has a lot of life with a great sense of humor, she kept

goofing around making funny faces, it was hard to be serious around her. She is so comfortable in her own skin and puts a lot of passion into whatever she is doing. It is refreshing to work with girls of her caliber. Crystal is a good soul and would be our pleasure to work with her again.

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Q: ...

A: Hi My name is Crystal, I'm 19 and I come from Montréal.

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I work in a gym and I go to school and I like it.

Q: What are you studying?

A: I am in Cegep (college) and I am studying political science.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: Yes, I like to play football; don't let my size fool you.

Q: Can you tell me an embarrassing moment that happened to you?

A: Yes about 2 weeks ago I was in school, I went to the washroom, as I put my books on the sink , they fell, so I bent over to pick them up, then I heard a big tear in my pants, I was really embarrassed.

Q: What did you do?

A: I had a shirt so I put it around my waist and went to my class, after I went home, but all that time I looked like an idiot.

Q: Were you wearing a thong?

A: Yes and that day I was wearing a G, and I always wear G-strings.

Q: Did anyone see you in the washroom?

A: No but I think they heard it, does not matter I did not know them.

Q: Favorite part of your body?

A: I really like my eyes, cause they are original their, blue and change colors a lot. I like also my butt too.

Q: What your favorite part on a man?

A: The abs, a nice cut stomach, a small sexy butt, and a square jaw.

Q: And a girl?

A: Lips and breast, if she as a nice face, I find that really beautiful, I like looking at girls more.

Q: Have you ever been with a woman?

A: Yes it happened but we did not go all the way, we just fooled around.

Q: Do you prefer a man or a woman?

A: That's a trick question, I do prefer men but I like to do it with women.

Q: Ever had a guy and girl at the same time?

A: I never tried but I would like too.

Q: Is there any fantasies you want to live out?

A: For sure, I have a lot but one I like to do is make love in the sky, in a plane.

Q: Tell me about your day did you have fun?

A: I had fun I like being a model, I like taking pictures, videos, I generally liked my day. It's not finished, I am gonna go eat so later guys...

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