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Age: 21

From: Quebec

Height: 5'5''

Measurements: 36C-25-35

Rating: 80%

Total videos: 3

Total photosets: 1

Total pictures: 107

Anna's Comments

This was my first gig in a long time. I was nervous about it. But, I knew the crew a little bit and I trusted them. The photographer gave me some good coaching and I followed her instructions as best

as I could. I had a good time that day. I felt that I was doing a good job because Franca was happy and she was cheering me on. I don't know if I will go see my stuff on the site because I get embarrassed when I see myself performing. I just hope that you guys will enjoy it...and maybe you can tell me about it later! Thank you everyone.

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Studio's Comments

Anna is a particular case. When we met her, a while back, she was not the easiest model to deal with. She then disappeared for a while and when she came back, she was a completely transformed girl.

Anna's attitude was totally different and she had improved on so many different levels. We'd like to congratulate Anna on her fantastic transformation. Anna is very introverted in comparison to many models, which made the interview quite a task. Ad on to that, her impairment of the English language...Phew! She had a real challenge to overcome. Anna showed a tremendous amount of will and because of that, we came back triumphant. Her work was applauded by many. Again, congratulations Anna and keep it up!

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Q: What's your name baby ?

A: My name is Anna, I'm from Quebec and my age is 21.

Q: What qualities don't you like in a mate?

A: I hate when the guy is a liar.

Q: What qualities do you look for in a mate?

A: A good f***ker, Loll...No, it's just a joke! A man that looks honest... A gentleman.

Q: What don't you like in bed?

A: When the guy wants to eat my pussy, I don't like that!

Q: Why!?

A: I don't know, I don't like it...When a girl does it, it's OK, not a guy.

Q: What type of music awakens your sexuality?

A: I like to listen to R&B in bed.

Q: When did you have your first sexual experience?

A: My first time, I was 15 years old.

Q: With a boy or a girl?

A: A boy.

Q: What's your ultimate fantasy?

A: F**king a guy in the ass!

Q: Why?!

A: Because when a guy f**ks me up the ass, he claims it doesn't hurt but sometimes it does and I want to do the same to him!

Q: Have you ever lost control in party?

A: Yes, I lost my head in a party.

Q: Tell us more, please!

A: It's very hard to explain...

Q: We're listening.

A: Because the first time when I f**k somebody it was in a party, I drank too much!

Q: Did you get caught?

A: No I don't get caught...

Q: If you were gone, what would people say about you?

A: I will answer in French because I have a lot to say. I am very patient person, I give it all. I'm pretty stressed out. However, I'm still very down to earth... I have a lot to say, I find it very easy to express myself but only in French...In English I have a hard time. But that's ok. Since I do my best so you can understand me.

Q: What are your turn-ons?

A: mmmm....Alcool...Giggles! I don't know, when I drink alcool I just want to f**k!

Q: What are your turn offs?

A: When a guy sleeps with his socks.

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