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Age: 18

From: Toronto

Height: 5’8”

Measurements: 34B-23-34

Rating: 71%

Total videos: 4

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Total pictures: 643

Ania's Comments

I got an e-mail from the photographer; she had seen my profile on a model community page. She explained the project and showed me some examples. I found her pictures wonderful; there was something

soulful about them and I found her extra nice on the phone. I immediately trusted her. I ask my friend to call her and offer her the location to do the shoot. He owns a house on a ranch in Ontario. Since the crew was coming from quite a ways, I invited one of my girlfriends to the shoot, they ended up shooting her too, and it was really cool! I got to show off my riding talents. I love horses! Franca knew about my goal to become a great print model and I really noticed and appreciated all the effort she put in directing me for the pictures. She gave me plenty of advice and tricks of the trade and even showed my friend how to use his digital camera!

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Studio's Comments

Ania was recruited via an model community site, serving mostly mannequins in search of contracts. Following the contact, we found her to be very reserved and amongst our most apprehensive candidates.

Since her boyfriend is also her agent, we had to negotiate the contract with the satisfaction of the two parties. Once on the set, after two hours of traveling, we finally met Ania and her agent. The relationship established on the phone a few days earlier was consolidated and we happily started the day. For those interested, Ania is an accomplished equestrian, she has won many competitions! Ania was very happy to integrate her beloved horses to her shoot. Many thanks to her agent, who generously provided us with a location and a Lamborghini! And as if that wasn't enough, he also provided us with another model: Mia. Can you ask for better!?

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Q: What's your name and where are you from ?

A: My name's Ania, I'm from Poland but I've lived in Canada for the past few years. I`m 18 years old ...

Q: Do you like it here ?

A: Oh yeah, I enjoy a lot ...

Q: You live in what part of Canada?

A: I live in Toronto right now ...

Q: Do you speak your native tongue?

A: Ah huh, I can speak Polish ...

Q: Can you say something for us?

A: Yana spee collume. That means I love you

Q: Do you go to school?

A: Yes, I go to school right now, I take advertising... I want to get into advertising for the fashion industry. So I stick with modeling to go off a little bit

Q: So modeling is your job?

A: yeah I've been modeling for about a year ...

Q: what do you like about it?

A: what do I like about modeling ... I just feel natural doing it ... you get to travel.

Q: Have you traveled, so far?

A: I've traveled, I've gone to Montreal, Washington, LA ...

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: I horse back ride ... I ride competitively, it`s my passion next to modeling

Q: Do you have any horses of your own?

A: Yes, I have three horses of my own ...

Q: what are they're names?

A: Vegas, Cerriera and Abby

Q: What's your favorite Color?

A: My favorite color would have to be pink.

Q: What would be your favorite music?

A: My Favorite music would be ... I love everything. I love 80`s and 90`s

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?

A: Yes I have a boyfriend.

Q: Describe your boyfriend.

A: He's muscular...

Q: you like muscular?

A: Yeah I don't like skinny.

Q: What attracts you to a man?

A: His sense of humor ... I have to be entertained. He has to be gentle. He can`t be rough.

Q: What does a guy have to do to impress Ania?

A: He has to have a Ferrari ...

Q: so I guess your Boyfriend has one?

A: Yeah he has one and a Porsche too.

Q: What kind of restaurant would he had to bring you too?

A: I'm not very high maintenance that way... I can eat a whole rack of ribs

Q: Being a model do you feel like an exhibitionist?

A: Sometimes ... But I haven't really a lot of stuff.

Q: What attracts you to modeling?

A: I love being in front of the camera ...

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