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Age: 22

From: L`Assomption

Height: 54

Measurements: 34B-26 -36

Rating: 72%

Total videos: 4

Total photosets: 3

Total pictures: 171

Angie's Comments

Infernal...Just how I like it...Loll!! We went to this park, beautiful place... With tons of beautiful people too, Ha! Ha! We had to play hide and seek all day. We shot my solo video hidden under a

bunch of trees and some workers were about 10 feet away from us and they didn't have a clue! It was definitely a mega trill. It was real funny to watch Franca all folded in half trying to get the shots. This day was an experience for the books. You offer me to do it again in a safer place; I say no, I want danger! To live dangerously is my motto, call me Fiery Angie!!

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Studio's Comments

Like most of our Flashy Babes, Angie was not hard to convince. Open minded, very playful, Angie could easily win the most friendly model award. Accomplished exhibitionist and deliciously spicy, Angie

collaborated with the outmost enthusiasm trough out the whole day. We must add that the location that was supposed to be a ghost town turned out to be a nightmare! Tourists, kids, grandmas, families all over the place, boy did we have a good time! Despite these unexpected guests both the production staff and the model had some good laughs trying to cope with the problems. We must applaud here the heavenly patience of our model. Bravo Angie!

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Q: How old are you Angie?

A: Euh...22 years old...

Q: 22? You don't seem sure of yourself.

A: No, no, I was just wondering if I should say my real age...

Q: Were are you from Angie?

A: L'Assomption

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: My hobbies? Go to the's about it...

Q: How many times a week do you hit the gym?

A: 3, I try for 4 but it's usually 3

Q: 3 times...Show me your muscles...Wow! But the muscles that interest us...Wow, Its hard...

A: Of courses, there is always that layer above it, but that's because the abs are under it.

Q: So how do you get rid of that layer?

A: Well, we do a lot of abs and cardio...And we watch what we eat...and drink water... And sex also...

Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: My movie...The girl next door

Q: It's about a young pornstar...

A: And then there's a boy that tries to get her out of the biz... I find that, he looks like he really loves her...

Q: Cool, now that we know you better, we'd like to know...Is there someone in your life?

A: No...

Q: No? There's no one in your life? There's not one...Two then? Or no one at all?

A: There's no one for the moment. There was someone before but he lost it!

Q: Was it a male or female lover?

A: A male lover. Well, I have no one but I can say I almost have a female lover... Because she's a friend but she's more then a friend... (And Angie goes on about her female "friend")

Q: She's brunette or blonde?

A: Brunette, Yep, she's really sweet...She's a very close friend; she means a lot to me.

Q: Let's say she was your lover. What would attract you to her? What attracts you in a woman?

A: Her eyes!

Q: She has nice eyes.

A: Yes and she's funny... She always makes me laugh!

Q: What color are her eyes?

A: They're green. She's very tall, dark hair... Somewhat bigger breast, but natural...I like big real breast!

Q: Are your real?

A: Yes! Well for there size I hope so!

Q: I don't know what you're talking about, they look fine.

A: Yeah, but there small. If I were to get my breast done, I'd do them like mmmm... Like yours.

Q: What attracts you in a man?

A: Well, I think it's what he projects. But a guy who's funny to start with... One of my friends tells me something the other day. I tell him, you make me laugh and you're cute. He says "well you know a girl whose laughing is half way into your bed!"...

Q: At what age did you have your first sexual experience?

A: 16 years old!

Q: You seem to remember it well!

A: I remember well yes...

Q: With a boy or a girl?

A: A boy

Q: How old?

A: He was 21 years old.

Q: Oh!

A: Yeah, everyone said he looked like my father, because I was very delicate...And he was built and big...

Q: What did you see in him?

A: Oh god...I don't even know...

Q: You were 16...

A: Yeah...He had a car, an apartment; he had many friends...I stayed 3 months with him...

Q: And then you started having good taste? (Giggle)

A: Giggles... I thought to myself; never again!

Q: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

A: Of course!!! My god, do I ever enjoy showing myself!

Q: Explain to us why.

A: Before I ever did anything XXX and I was having sex with my boyfriend; I used to imagine myself being filmed. I was like...I'd lay it on thick and I loved it! I've always been an exhibitionist...Why. I don't know...

Q: You feel good when you think you're being watched

A: Yes, you know for example; I'll start doing a photo shoot. It starts fully dressed, when I'm dressed I feel tight, but as soon as I am naked I'm more comfortable... I like it.

Q: Well, we also like it when you're comfortable completely naked.

A: It works out then!

Q: What's your favorite sexual position and why?

A: I like them all, as long as he goes hard.

Q: You like it rough

A: Oh yeah!

Q: Are you submissive or dominante?

A: I'm submissive.

Q: You like being knocked around, held by your hair?

A: Actually with an old boyfriend...whose name I won't mention...Anyways, at one point we're making love and he pushes me aside on the bed and says; Hold on I'll be right back. He leaves and comes back with electric cables...And some other time, my head went trough the wall...

Q: What???

A: Yah, we broke the wall. Not straight through but it made a dent.

Q: Stop it.

A: I love it. It's hard to find a partner that could be like that...You know!?...

Q: What is your ultimate fantasy?

A: I knew this question would come up...Well to tell you the truth, it's with two guys, but I realized it recently, so it's not really a fantasy anymore since I did it...

Q: You don't have an unreachable fantasy?

A: Oh yes! Of course...Since I'm exhibitionist, what I'd like to do is to have sex with a partner with many people watching. Something like...

Q: Give me a sample of your exhibitionism

A: Right now?

Q: Right now. Exhibit yourself to me, not everybody.

A: Yeah, but that's it. I'd like a bunch of people to see...Hold on there's a girl coming, let's wait till she passes by, giggles...

Q: And she flashed us...

A: ...

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