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Age: 24

From: Chicoutimi

Height: 5'5''

Measurements: 36C-26-35

Rating: 73%

Total videos: 3

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Angel Lips's Comments

I enjoyed my day. I was flattered to see that the photographer really tried to represent my personality with the choice of props and location. I like to think that I am exotic and that I am a sweet

Rock n' roll chick! I got to shoot on this wicked black n' blue motorcycle, a Harley Davidson, it totally matched me. I was also paired with this super cool parrot. I think it was a she...I don't know, all I know is I would've taken her home ;-) And to top it all off, we shot in this beautiful water fall, it was dreamy! I really wanted this shoot to show my sensual side rather then my rocky side. I trust that this was done. Thumbs up gang!

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Studio's Comments

Maybe Angel had just gone through a rough time with boys, she seemed a little frustrated with the male gender. Hey! What can you do; sadly enough, young girls will go through these periods... Angel

accepted the project because according to her appreciation, FlashyBabes was not degrading towards its models. Some previous experiences, created some fears in Angel. This beautiful black haired girl has the most piercing sapphire blue eyes we had ever seen! We knew she liked Rock n' Roll so we found a black and blue Motorcycle for her to shoot with. We hoped to please her and put a ray of sunshine in her experience. Talking about sunshine it was infernally hot that day, not one cloud in the sky, no shade anywhere, so we decided to end the day with the water fall shooting. Angel was really happy about that! In conclusion, Rocking Angel wears her name well.

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Q: Hi my name is Angel and I come from chicoutimi hi angel, feeling good ?

A: yes and you ?

Q: yes it's going pretty good! So you comme from chicoutimi?

A: yes

Q: In the quebec area I think ?

A: In Québec province

Q: Do you live in Montreal ?

A: Yes I live in montreal but I come from chicoutimi

Q: Are you working?

A: Yes I work

Q: What do you do for living?

A: I'm a stripper

Q: In a club, downtown I suppose

A: Yes exactly

Q: for how long are you doing this

A: 7 years

Q: Do you still liking it ?

A: not really

Q: Did It change ?

A: Yeah it changed a lot through the years

Q: people are rougher I think?

A: They always want more, the more you can have, the more you want...

Q: Want Kind of dances are you doing ?

A: Lap-dancing with contacts

Q: Explain us what you do exactly

A: Contact lap-dancing it's when the man is allowed to touch anywhere except the g-string or panties, you are not allowed to touch with your mouth, so no kisses, you can touch the boobs and the ass with your hands and that's about it.

Q: So you making a lot of money I think?

A: it depends...

Q: it's not really steady is it ?

A: no

Q: You can't really do a weekly budget ?

A: One day you can make 500$ , the other 20$

Q: Oh really? You must have regular clients ?

A: The regular clients are hard to keep because they always want more of you. After the lap dance, they want to take you to a restaurant and they want to sleep with you, And if you don't do all that, you lose him. So it means nothing to me to have regular client.

Q: Do they fall in love with you sometimes?

A: They want sex more than anything else

Q: beside that, do you have other ambitions, are you going to school ?

A: I will go back to school in september

Q: In witch field of study ?

A: BAC in business administration

Q: you're good with numbers ?

A: yes really good

Q: that's fun ! I'll try to know more about you now so i'll ask you some personal questions If I bring you to a restaurant, what would you order ?

A: a good extra cheeze poutine

Q: for our american friends, what is a poutine exaclty ?

A: a poutine is, french fries with grinded cheese and sauce, and I myself add some vinegar into it

Q: you really do that ?

A: yes !

Q: you like it bitter ?

A: I adore that

Q: a poutine for our american friends is worth 3,25$, we can see that our friend Angel is not an egocentric person, she's really simple.

A: Do you have some expensive tastes like Versace or do you buy funnier and cheaper clothes and stuff?

Q: If I'd ask you to chose between a short skirt or jeans with boots, I figure that you'd choose the short skirt ?

A: I do love jeans short skirt

Q: And also with boots

A: in what type of clothes would you feel sexier, a pair of jogging pants, a short skirt or jeans with boots

Q: you can feel the wind between your legs and gazes from men

A: really

Q: in your case, you have really nice legs, if I go down with the camera we can see my leg

A: you too, you have some really nice legs, switch your camera

Q: do you have a boyfriend ?

A: no

Q: do you have a girlfriend ?

A: no

Q: so you are single ?!

A: yes, single and proud to be !

Q: its been a while ?

A: its been 4 years that I haven't had anyone in my life,I've had some ''good friends'' here and there, for a week or 2,but its been 4 years that I haven't had a serious and stable relationship.anyway with my job everybody touches me

Q: it can fullfill the missing parts ?

A: it builds off rage

Q: let's say a really nice looking guy comes to your bar, really your type, and asks you to dance

A: I'm very shy in that kind of situation, I can't dance for beautiful guys

Q: if he comes to me and ask, I'll say yes but I will not speak to him and i'll try to stay far from him, I wouldn't

A: be able to look at him, I'd stay far from him, but lookin his direction. I don't like them to know that him looking at them.

Q: If that nice looking guy ask yo to dance, how does the dance go ?

A: I'd be nervous and shake, I won't look at him, it would surely be the most boring dance that I'd ever do to someone.

Q: Are you serious?

A: yes

Q: You are really that nervous ? but why ? you look like a strong woman, you are beautiful, tall....

A: The ugly guys are easier to deal with, you can look them in the eyes, have fun with them. You know that through their eyes you're a The goddess. But, to beautiful guys I'm so shy, to play the goddess game is harder. With the beautiful guys I'm not able to play it that way, with others it doesn't bother me at all.

Q: in bed, are you more dominant or submissive?

A: both, it depends if we're making love or if we are fucking

Q: ah, there's a difference ?

A: making love is all about passion, cuddling and stuff, fucking is just, come here and bing bang boum

Q: which one do you prefer ? would you like to make love more often or to fuck more often ?

A: I'd prefer making love more often, I'm a romantic

Q: If I was a guy, how could I impress you ?

A: you'd better not be full of yourself !

Q: describe me the evening of your dream with the most beautiful guy, the nicest guy to you, he says : ''now angel, tonight, you are mine, I'm bringing you . . .

A: I'd like him to take me for a walk in the woods, cause I really love nature, go out horseback riding, I also love things like VTT, motorcycle, skidoo... for me a romantic evening is to go out and do those kind of activities, a nice pic-nic in the summer, cuddle and make love, and then we go home and have a nice sleep

Q: Cool ! so its mostly a ''nature trip''! doing those outdoor activities makes you hot?

A: Yes !

Q: so you like big machines that goes vrrrrrrrrrmmmmm

A: yes it depends of which ones, If its an old machine that's noisy, I don't like that

Q: have we seen you before on the web on the tv ?

A: yes you may have before, but it's been a while, it's been five years and a half now...

Q: you were on the web ?

A: yes it was

Q: did you like it ?

A: no

Q: Today, what brings you here to flashybabes ?

A: its more sensual, i twill show another side of my personality, 5 years ago i twas all about gangbangs, that doesn't represent me, I'm mostly romantic, I don't like to do things that way. With you here it's mostly based on the personality, it's more sensual to me.

Q: that's fun, I'm happy to ear that, I'll try to reach your summits today. I'm sure that we'll do some super fun stuff and that you'll be proud to be a flashy babe, I'm sure you will enjoy it!

A: I'm pretty sure about that

Q: I'd now like you to tell me, in your words, where do you figure yourself in 5 years from now ?

A: In 5 years I won't be working in bars anymore, I'll have a sweet little easy life, with my house, my dog, my husband and I'll work normally, like anyone... that's where I see myself in 5 years. That's my goal and I'll reach it for sure!

Q: A little motorcylce ?

A: more of a skidoo, cause its fully automatic

Q: the gal doesn't drive manually... Angel, it was a real charm talking with you, We'll see you soon !

A: bye bye

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