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Age: 19

From: Montreal

Height: 5'2''

Measurements: 34B-25-34

Rating: 72%

Total videos: 6

Total photosets: 3

Total pictures: 296

Amelya's Comments

Hello everyone. Well, that was a different experience for me...Definitely, loll...It was really cool to see myself with that kind of make-up and attire. I think the photographer did a good job at

mixing some of the real me into the flashybabes look. I was pleased with the room they rented, I really liked the look of it...and I got to keep it for the night...What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so they say, so I'll just leave it at that! Giggle...See you on my page Flashy friends :)

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Studio's Comments

Variety is our motto at Amelya has a look and personality all of her own. She is into horror flicks and vampires. She has acted in many gory movies and she loved every minute of it.

With her hair black as night, her skin white as snow and her blood red lips, she is Snow White with a major kick! She was professional and sweet and she has an awesome sense of humor. She reminded us of Mona Lisa on certain pictures. Amelya has definitely become my dark muse...

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Q: ...

A: Hello, my name is Amelya, I come from Montreal and I'm 19 years old

Q: What do you do Amelya?

A: I'm a photographer

Q: Just like me

A: Ya...giggles

Q: What kind of stuff do you shoot?

A: Some gothic glam, no fashion

Q: How long have you been doing that?

A: For 3 years

Q: 3 years, you enjoy it?

A: Yes I love it

Q: I'm going to ask you some questions to try to discover you a little bit... What is your favorite meal?

A: I think its pizza, it's not very original...

Q: So what...What kind?

A: Just cheese

Q: Are you a vegetarian?

A: Yes

Q: What is your favorite vegetarian meal except pizza?

A: Chop Suey

Q: Do you have animals?

A: Yes, I have 2 cats

Q: What are there names?

A: Eva and twiggy

Q: If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

A: A cat for the feline aspects, gracious, sexy

Q: Are you a good cook?

A: No! Really bad cook!

Q: Can you cook Kraft Dinner?

A: Yes, I had that last night actually!

Q: What is your best quality?

A: I like to laugh, I laugh all the time

Q: What is your worst defect?

A: I get mad easily

Q: What quality do you look for in man?

A: Honesty

Q: What quality do you look for in woman?

A: Same thing

Q: What type of guy do you like?

A: Tall, not a small frame, muscular...but not too much. Not a body builder

Q: Blue eyes, blond hair?

A: No! Lol! Blue eyes black hair...

Q: Are you heterosexual or bisexual?

A: bisexual

Q: So what type of girl do you like?

A: Petite, really small waist...Small breasts, long hair.

Q: What turns you on?

A: Long hair

Q: What do you prefer in movies lets say, comedies or vampire movies?

A: Horror

Q: Are you scared when you watch a horror flick?

A: Never!

Q: Even if you are by yourself?

A: No

Q: You're tough! We will play a word game together. We will try to get to know you a little better that way. Black

A: Eye

Q: Skin

A: White

Q: Bed

A: 2 people

Q: Jell-O

A: Eating

Q: Cars

A: Corolla

Q: She said Corolla...Loll!

A: Because of the ad!! loll...

Q: Clubbing

A: Gothic

Q: Dress

A: Gracious

Q: High heels

A: Fetish

Q: Popsicle

A: So cold

Q: Whip

A: Trip

Q: Mmm, I like that, see I can get to know you so much just by saying a few words! What would be the city you would love to go and tell me why

A: Berlin, for the monument and history

Q: Have you ever been?

A: No

Q: What brings you to be a model?

A: To build a portfolio...For acting

Q: You would like to act?

A: Yes

Q: Have you ever acted before?

A: Yes, I am in a agency

Q: What do you do...Horor!?

A: No...Just dancer in clubs and stuff, as an extra...

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